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Reliable Accounting...

We prepare a broad range of IRS and State filings. If you require assistance with a form

not mentioned below, contact us and let us know what your specific needs are.

U.S. Tax Return Preparation

Maximize your Credits, Reduce your Taxes...

Tax returns with foreign elements are complex. They are impacted by a whole new set of rules outside standard U.S. tax accountant training. We stay up to date on all the regulatory and legislative developments, so you don’t have to waste time and energy trying to make sense of all the complexities of U.S. and international tax law. To ensure that you get the most benefit from the double-tax-avoidance mechanisms available under the U.S. Tax Code or international tax treaty, to reduce your tax, maximize your credits, and avoid late and non-filing penalties, let U.S. Tax Solutions take care of your tax and information filings.

We prepare all U.S. individual, and certain corporate and partnership returns and information reports, including the following:

  • Forms 1040, 1065, 1120, 1120S and 1120F

  • Forms FinCEN 114, 8938, 8858, 8621, 5471 and 8865

  • Forms 3520, 706-NA and 709

We are also an IRS Acceptance Agent and prepare ITIN applications for foreign investors and non-U.S. dependents of U.S. taxpayers. 

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U.S. Income Tax Consulting

Enhance your Strategy, Limit your Exposure...

Yes, there can be U.S. tax implications when a taxpayer switches from being employed to self-employed, when they establish a Partnership or LLC, acquire an investment property, when they get married or divorced, go on a foreign assignment, or expatriate. There are many events that can change the way one is taxed and which can increase U.S. tax. When these occur in a foreign country or with non-U.S. persons, additional complexities can occur, including the triggering of special information filings such as form 5471, 8858, 8865, and 3520, to name a few. U.S. Tax Solutions has been helping taxpayers to plan better for such events and stay compliant, for years. If you need help with tax planning, reach out to us so that we may review your specific situation and support you the best way possible.

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U.S. Estate/Gift Tax Planning

Optimize your Exclusions, Enhance your Gifts...

For those taxpayers who have assets that they wish to gift or bequeath to others, optimizing their exclusions and credits is most important. Under U.S. law, in general, the donor is taxed for gifts and inheritances, and not the donee. Thus, when a U.S. taxpayer wishes to gift to someone, they need to consider the U.S. gift and long-term inheritance tax implications of such an event. Again, in cross-border situations, whether gifting a foreign asset, or making a gift to a non-U.S. person, including a non-U.S. citizen spouse, things can get very complicated, calling for specialized knowledge. U.S. Tax Solutions can guide you in planning the transfer of your valuable assets to your loved ones in the most tax efficient way.

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