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U.S. Income Tax & Other Returns

Below is a list of information items we typically need to prepare a U.S. income tax or information return such as Form 5471, Form 3520, etc.

  • Yours, your spouse's (if filing jointly or separately) and your dependents' social security number, or ITIN (individual taxpayer identity number).

  • If your marital status changed during the tax years for which returns are to be prepared, please provided details.

  • If the number of your dependents changed, please provide details

  • Japanese income tax return, or other foreign country income tax return - for each year a U.S. income tax return is to be prepared. The foreign income tax return is usually our main source of data for taxpayers resident outside the U.S.

  • Prior year U.S. federal and State income tax returns (we would like to see the last U.S. income tax return you filed if available).

  • Wage/Salary statements including Forms W-2, Gensenchoshuhyo (Japanese wage/salary statement).

  • Self-Employment income and expenses details (this is in addition to your related Japanese tax return schedules).

  • Investment income statements such as Form 1099-INT/DIV/B, Form 1042-S, Form K-1, etc. or Japanese/foreign equivalent.

  • Details of virtual (crypto) currency income earned or received in any form whether paid to you or not. For further guidance click here. 

  • Miscellaneous income statements, e.g. Form 1099-MISC/Japanese equivalent.

  • Details of income and expenses for your Japanese rental activity if any (this is in addition to your related Japanese tax return schedules).

  • Details of any government benefits you received, such as, social security benefits/pensions, unemployment pay.

  • Your U.S. travel information during the tax year, noting the business days and any states you worked in.

  • Details of any Gifts you received from a non-U.S. person including the date of gifting, a description and the fair market value of the gift.

  • if you owned entirely or a share of a foreign corporation, we may need the annual financial statements to prepare Form 5471

  • if you were a partner in a foreign partnership, we may need the partnerships annual financial statements to prepare Form 8865.

  • If you expatriated, we will need details of your assets and certain values for the preparation of your Form 8854.